About us

About us

The Monkey Inferno is a Personal Incubator (PINC). A place where we dream up cool internet projects, develop them, then nurture them into successful businesses.

We're a tight-knit group working out of a funky office in SF. We dream up internet projects then put our code where our mouth is and put them out into the wild.

We're not scared of failure; in fact, we embrace and learn from it. Our objective is to have fun, build something cool (and hopefully worthwhile), and, every now and then, something truly amazing.

We are all employed by Monkey Inferno Inc, the incubator. Once each project is launched it is incorporated as a sub-company and we all receive options in it. Each project has no more than two full time developers, who work side by side cranking out code. But as we receive options in all the sub-companies, everyone is motivated to help every project become a success, whether they happen to be assigned to the project or not.

Monkey Inferno has no outside investors, we're fully self-funded by Michael and Xochi Birch who sold Bebo to AOL in 2008 for $850m. That kind of financial security means we're a fast-paced but low-stress workplace.

We're Hiring

San Francisco - Troop

  • Michael Birch
    Michael Birch
  • Xochi Birch
    Xochi Birch
  • Lucinda Wirth
    Lucinda Wirth
  • Paul Widden
    Paul Widden
  • Michael D'Agosta
    Michael D'Agosta
  • Erin Bird
    Erin Bird
  • Pete Hicks
    Pete Hicks
  • Diana Sonn
    Diana Sonn
  • Theo Cincotta
    Theo Cincotta
  • Jon Ashton
    Jon Ashton
  • Suzan Canli
    Suzan Canli
  • Becky Hayden
    Becky Hayden
  • Quinn Baetz
    Quinn Baetz
  • Florian Nierhaus
    Florian Nierhaus
  • Jonathan Sousa
    Jonathan Sousa
  • Shaan Puri
    Shaan Puri
  • Morgan Sowden
    Morgan Sowden