You learn a lot building a company

Now imagine building five at once

Open Positions

The Company

At the Monkey Inferno, we dream up ideas, and then build them into companies. We are a team of 20 engineers, designers, and business people coming together to build amazing products. Michael and Xochi are leaders in the tech industry, having built multiple, multi-million dollar companies (try saying that twice) over the past decade.

The Perks

The office is an incredible creative space designed by Ken Fulk. We are well fed, with Chef Elgin Espiritu providing us with a gourmet lunch that we eat together, family style. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, stock equity participation and the assurance of knowing that we are well funded. With Friday Massages, happy hours, and legendary company trips to Napa and Vegas - we tend to enjoy ourselves.

How to Apply

Email to (subject: Hire me)

  • A short paragraph on why you want to work at The Monkey Inferno
  • Links to your previous websites and/or mobile apps you’ve worked on


You fit into one of the following categories:

  • Code God
    • Still waiting for the day when you find a bug in your code
    • Writes code so pretty, you'd be proud to take it home to meet your parents
    • You fear nothing
  • Hacker
    • You can make it happen... Overnight!
    • Your apps are built faster than the HyperLoop
    • Bugs? Pffft there will be plenty!
  • Jack of all Trades
    • Objective-C? Sure! Java? Sure! <Random Programming Language>? Sure!
    • Renaissance man: King of databases or the life of the party, you can do it all!
    • You're a swiss army knife in human form

We're looking for passionate engineers who get a kick out of building and growing apps! We're focused on mobile (iOS/Android) consumer products, so if you fit the bill, get in touch and tell us why!.

Email to (subject: Hire me)

Internship Program

You fit into one of the following 3 buckets:

  • Hacker
    • You make things (...and break things).
  • Hustler
    • Somehow you'll always find a way. We need to get our app in front of 1000 store clerks in India by Friday? Game on. Validate ideas, build community, get press, energize your team - you are the fuel to take an idea to market.
  • Hipster
    • Whether it's writing, drawing, filming, or designing - you are creative at heart. Use technology to take your trendsetting talents to the masses.

You'll be:

  • Hungry, aggressively willing to learn
  • Self-starter (we don’t like to babysit)
  • Energetic and charismatic
  • Up for anything (and willing to jump on a flight in an hour if you get the call)
  • Willing to fight for the opportunity, Hunger Games style

If you want in, send us an email and show us how epic you are!

Email to (subject: Hire me)